Guidelines for Church Meetings During COVID19 Pandemic

Updated June 17, 2020

We would like to make you aware of our meeting guidelines based on the guidelines that the Governor's office has issued for churches and recommendations from the CDC. For the month of June, the guidelines for churches remain the same. Churches are able to meet for their main weekly worship service.

  1. Drive-In Style Assembly: Periodically, we will have our services in the parking lot in our cars with audio being broadcast to your car radio. We will communicate this on facebook, email, and by auto-dialer when we are having drive-in church. Since we will be staying in our cars, masks are not needed for drive-in church. You may bring your own communion supplies or use the sealed communion supplies provided at the building.

  2. Masks: The CDC guidelines recommend that masks be worn for houses of worship where social distancing is difficult. As a result, we recommend wearing masks when arriving and when leaving the church building, or at any time when you might be closer than 6 feet to another person. Since our seats are spaced 6 feet apart, masks are not necessary after being seated. (Note: CDC says that masks should NOT be placed on children younger than 2 years of age, or anyone that has difficulty breathing)

  3. Staying at Home: If you are in a high-risk category for this virus, or have any symptoms, or believe you have been exposed to the virus, we strongly encourage you to stay at home. We will continue to livestream our services online.

  4. Entering: As you enter the main doors, someone will either be stationed there to open the door for you, -or- we will have the doors propped open so you do not need to touch the door handles.

  5. Social Distance: We are still subject to the 6 foot social distancing rule. Therefore the seating arrangement for our worship area is as follows
    1. Family groups can sit together, but need to sit six feet away from other family groups. The chairs have been arranged to facilitate this
    2. If you are a smaller group, please sit in a smaller group of chairs to allow the larger groups to sit in the larger rows.

  6. Communion:
    1. We will not be passing around any trays
    2. The sealed communion wafer and juice will be available on a table in the foyer for you to pick up as you come in and take to your seat
    3. After communion, someone will come around with a trash can so you can throw away your empty cup

  7. Songbooks:
    1. The directive also says that use of songbooks and other material normally in the pews will not be used to prevent the possible spread of the virus
    2. We will not have songbooks available, but will instead use our projection system for our singing

  8. Sanitizing: If you use a door handle, please ensure you sanitize it with a sanitizer wipe, which are available in the foyer, before and after you use the door handle. Door handles and other surfaces need to be sanitized at the end of service, which can be accomplished with a sanitizer wipe.

  9. Dismissal: At dismissal, we ask that members remember to social distance

  10. Overflow Room:
    1. In case we have more of our church family that the auditorium can handle with the seating arrangement, we will have an overflow room in the North Building
    2. A Television with a Roku streaming devices is available in the North Building that will allow for watching the church's livestream on the Youtube channel.
    3. Communion supplies are available on a table in the North Building as one enters the room
    4. In the event we use the overflow room, all of the above precautions listed above need to also be taken in the North building.

  11. Bible Classes and Other Meetings: (updated 6-17-20)
    1. After clarification from a phone call to the state, we have determined that are able to have additional gatherings at 25% capacity. Therefore, Adult Bible classes are meeting again.
    2. Children's Bible Classes are still prohibited. According to state guidelines, "Children present at services should remain with their parents or guardians and refrain from congregating or interacting with children of other parties on the premises. For example, nursery services are not permitted."
    3. We will work to continue to livestream Bible Classes online

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us

Nebraska City Church of Christ
1102 S. 10th St
Nebraska City, NE 68410
(402) 873-7241