Outreach Ministries

Outreach and Missions Our outreach ministries exists to facilitate organized outreach, benevolent, and caring ministries of the church through learning, caring, and sharing.

Our outreach ministries will work to see that:

  • The congregation has an outward focus and understands the church to be a sent church of ministers and missionaries
  • There are opportunities for outreach, missions, ministry, and evangelism
  • Members have practical tools, resources, and skills with which they can reach out to others
  • Members can articulate the biblical themes related to salvation, such as sin, redemption, the Gospel, etc.
  • Members can graciously articulate their own story of their walk with God and how they came to know God
  • The congregation is motivated and passionate about doing ministries of compassion, hospitality, and mercy
  • Outsiders are regularly having opportunities to hear and respond to the Gospel as a result of outreach ministries and contact with our congregation
Some of the types of outreach ministries that has this congregation has participated in have included:

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