The Worship Ministry exists to guide the congregation into understanding and participating in deeper meaningful worship experiences that are Christ-centered, attentive, and edifying.

The Worship Ministry works to see that:

  1. Congregational worship honors, praises, and exalts God
  2. The worship assemblies are uplifting and edifying
  3. Singing is done well with both the mind and the heart
  4. Prayers are attentive, heartfelt, honest, and focus on what is important
  5. Communion times are a meaningful period of communal thanksgiving, gratefulness, reflection and renewal
  6. The congregation has a shared understanding of the nature and purpose of worship
  7. Guests are made welcome

Some of the roles involved with the worship ministry involve:

  • Worship leading, such as leading songs or prayers
  • Welcoming of guests
  • Scheduling worship leaders
  • Preparation of Communion

Nebraska City Church of Christ
1102 S. 10th St
Nebraska City, NE 68410
(402) 873-7241